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Replacing your windows is a big step towards energy-efficiency, and energy-efficiency means lower heating and cooling bills! We prefer Quantum2 Series vinyl windows, as they offer state-of-the-art frame and glass technology that provide superior performance.

Our top-of-the-line window glass is designed specifically for strength and energy-efficiency. The double-paned window glass is filled with two layers of krypton gas, divided by a Kevlar heat barrier. The combination of the heat barrier and the krypton is uniquely effective at minimizing heat transfer—keeping your air conditioning inside and the sun’s heat outside in the summer and insulating your home in the winter. In addition to minimizing heat transfer, these windows also block UV rays, helping maintain the integrity of your floors, furniture, and more. Plus, our windows warrantied against glass breakage of any kind. If your window glass breaks, we’ll replace it, regardless of fault.

Quantum2 window frames are made with 100% virgin vinyl, which allows for a more uniform density, creating a more responsive, stronger window, built to last longer. They are also triple Mylar-insulated with welded joints, both of which serve to boost the effectiveness of the window frame and minimize air transference. The windows are the highest-rated against hurricane-strength winds!

There’s no need to sacrifice beauty in the name of function—our energy-efficient windows are beautiful and come in a variety of colors and glass stylings. Finally, the design of the interior locking mechanism makes our windows extremely secure.

What our customers have to say

Product presentation was very good. Any question that I had was explained to my satisfaction. I noticed that he only brought one window sample. Was told they only deal with top quality windows. Of all the companies that came by, they did have the best quality window.

Luther W.

Lexington, KY

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